Yearbook of the Oil Industry in Espírito Santo – 2018

In Espírito Santo, the O&G extraction accounts for 30% of the industrial transformation value (VTI, in Portuguese), the largest industry in the state. In 2006 the state oil production represented 3.6% of the total national value. In 2017 this participation grew to 14.4%, with 137.8 million oil barrels. Regarding pre-salt, in 2010 the state oil production was 22.6 thousand barrels/day, and in 2017 this production grew to 195.4 thousand barrels/day, an impressive increase of 30%. Also in 2017, Espírito Santo received approximately, BRL 2.2 billion in royalties and special participations, from which BRL 1.4 billion were allocated to the state government and the rest to the municipal governments.

All things considered and, with the relevance of the oil chain for the industry, important state actors created the Espírito Santo Oil and Gas Forum (FCP&G) in 2013, to provide support to the local supply chain of the O&G sector. The state government, the federation of industries, with the role of executive secretariat, and the oil companies Petrobras, Shell, Prysmian group and Equinor are all members of this forum.

In this context, the “Yearbook of the Oil Industry of Espírito Santo – 2018” aims at disclosing the main data from the sector and analyzing the evolution of this important industry for the state of Espírito Santo, revealing opportunities and challenges until 2017.
The “Yearbook of the Oil Industry in Espírito Santo – 2018” also shows the importance of the oil industry for the economic development of the state and identifies the future perspectives for the sector, allowing companies to support their investment decisions, and redirect their business plans.